The Homegrown National Park event was a blast! Full of entertainment, good music, great food, and of course - an awesome teeter-totter. It was nice to see everyone out and the #teetertotter was very well received by the public. The #teetertotter was in constant use the second it touched the ground in Trinity Bellwood Park. People of all ages hard a go on it and it was a pleasure to produce those moments of joy and excitement. Stay tuned for future ventures of the #teetertotter!
Installing these bad boys today. The addition of these incredible handle bars will render the #teetertotter well past the 110% mark. Check it out this Sunday Sept.29th/2013 - See below post for further info.
Big thank you  to my father (Adam Majewski) the engineer extraordinaire for creating the base support for the handle bars. This #teetertotter is going to last 110 years!
Gained a few pounds? This #teetertotter won't judge - seats have been extended to a comfortable 14inch depth!
     On Sunday, September 29th, #teetertotter is being teamed up for the David Suzuki Foundation's first-ever Homegrown Park Crawl! It will be situated amongst people enjoying delicious food and great music as they crawl —by foot, bike and canoe — between four city parks along Toronto's former Garrison Creek corridor.
      Keep an eye out for the #teetertotter and join 16 homegrown food vendors, 16 local groups, incredible local musical acts and the David Suzuki Foundation's team of Neighborhood Park Rangers in celebration of the first year of the Homegrown National Park Project.

11:00am - Join us in Christie Pits Park to kick off the crawl
1:00pm - Crawl to Bickford Park
2:00pm - Parade to Fred Hamilton Park
3:00pm - Final parade to Trinity Bellwoods Park - Ft. #teetertotter
Had a nice visit from Nick Cluley today who is one of the board members for the Toronto Awesome Foundation. We got to play with it and brain storm towards its awesome future. Stay tuned and get ready to HASH tag the teeter totter as you see it around Toronto. (#teetertotter) (#arthappens)
This baby is completely functional and safe! Stability at %100 Aesthetic at %90 and Safety at %80 but soon to be %100 all around. Minor spacers are being added to minimize the amount of space that the support-bar has on either side of the tree trunk. Since these photos have been taken all of the aesthetic work along with seat carving has been taken care of. A beautiful coating of varnish took the tree to the next level. Thing looks like it was dipped in honey!
I definitely fell off with my militant blogging about this #TeeterTotter but none the less better late than never! Here are a few picks of my delicious cedar 4x4's for the frame of the #teetertotter - Hopefully one day someone actually reads these posts. Also is a look at my amazing wood carving skills put to use for making the seats of this beauty.

Link to article on

Thanks to the hardcore people at Hollywood Auto Parts I now have the most crucial element of the #TeeterTotter aka The Coil Suspension Springs. On my way home I also stumbled across a sweet pair of handle bars to use on the teetertotter. Once home, I noticed some workers on the street doing some arbor work so I borrowed their chain saw to further trim and shape the tree trunk a bit - All in all twas a good day.
Worked on my #teetertotter with my father for a little today. Main focus  was on trimming off the fat aka the excess branches and little nubs n stubs.

    Julian Michael Majewski

    Sculpture/ Installation Artist

    My main interest in this project is for it to have the ability to crowd surf throughout Toronto communities, where the piece will stay for monthly increments at various host sites – free of charge (AWESOME).  I will essentially time share or loan out the project and due to its unique nature I am confident that it will spark joy and delight amongst members of the public. In this sense the project could be viewed as a nomadic micro monument.


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